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George Gorton II, circa 1916

Organization of biographical and genealogical content:

Fundamentally, this content is focused on George Gorton II and his family. However, as I come across content pertaining to other of my ancestors & relatives, such information will also be presented.
A significant problem (limitation): Unfortunately, a great method of graphically representing genealogical relationships for static web pages doesn't come to mind, and a dynamic system would seem to require a great deal of time. With limited time available to transfer the great masses of content to web pages, the approach is going to be a bit clunky, for which I apologize.
Thus, minimal information about individuals will be represented here, but clicking on the relevant link (usually the name of the person) will redirect the user to more in-depth content.

Grandparents of George Gorton II

Betty Barrett Gorton & James Gorton Sr.
Eliza Buffham & William Buffham

Parents, Aunts and Uncles of George Gorton II

George Gorton I, Elizabeth Buffham Aunts and Uncles

Biography of George Gorton II

Biographical details of George Gorton II
Tostenson (George II's first wife) family information

Siblings of George Gorton II

George Gorton II's brothers and sisters

Children of George Gorton II

George III, Elizabeth, Charles & James

Grand-children of George Gorton II

Families of George III, Elizabeth, Charles & James

Where did they live?

One very useful resource is the series of Racine Business/City directories [RCity] entries. Sets of these are at both the Racine Heritage Museum and the archives of UW-Parkside. Here is a partial listing (done quickly, and should be redone methodically) of who in the family did what for a living, where they lived, and the year the information is from.

Where are they buried?

Most of George Gorton II's siblings and a number of immediate ancestors are buried in Racine's Mound Cemetery.


Various photos are organized two ways:

Other George Gorton II business ventures

In addition to Gorton Machine, there were a number of other businesses George got deeply involved with or started. Some were short lived, others lasted decades. The known ones are:
Racine Basket Company (closed in 1893)
Planters' Engines, Unknown timeframes
The Gorton Fence Co. of Waukegan, IL. Believed to have been in business 1915-1920.
The Federal Mailing and Machine Co. Unknown timeframes. Office in Milwaukee, WI and factory in Racine, WI.
The Gorton trust and Betty G Petroleum Co. Cement Oklahoma, and some locations in Texas. 1919 through early 1950s.

References and sources used

The majority of historical biographical content came from various references; a large number of photos and documents came from Charles' and Dorothy's collection.

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