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Engraving the Lord's prayer on the point of a pin
One of the most remarkable technical feats performed using the companies' machines was engraving the Lord's Prayer "in as small an area as possible" in 1934-35. This is best described
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A wide variety of publications and documents were used a references.
All of the manuals and product catalogs displayed are scanned versions of content owned by this author.
All scanned photos are property of the author or family members; in the case of images of modern day usage of equipment, explicit permission has been granted to publish those images.
[Dretske] William Buffhams's Telescope and Microscope. Diana Dretske, Vol. 12, Issue 47 (July 1998) of the Rittenhouse Journal
[Bgene] Genealogical data provided by Frances Buffham
[GG2mem], [GG2memUWP] As I remember it. Unpublished memoirs of George Gorton II, written 1946-1949. Copies owned by family members; a working copy (with penned in edits) exists in the archives of UW Parkside.
[Oil] A "Big-Ass" Boy in the Oil Fields. George Gorton III, pub. 1976
[Spurs] Bit and Spur Makers in the Vaquero Tradition. Ned and Jody Martin, 1997
[Hist79] History of Racine and Kenosha Counties, 1879
[Port92] Portrait and Biographical Album of Racine, 1892 (photocopies of a few pages of this - I have been unable to obtain a copy)
[Bio06] Biographical record of Racine and Kenosha counties, 1906
[Hist16] Racine Belle City of the Lakes and Racine County, Wisconsin. Two volumes. Fanny S. Stone, editor. S.J.Clarke publishing co, Chicago, 1916.
(Spine of the set says) "History of Racine County"
[Holmes] Wisconsin: Stability Progress Beauty. Frederick Holmes, 1946 (Vol 4 of 5)
[LakeMuse] Lake County Discovery Museum, Wauconda, IL.
[News] Various early newspapers of Racine. Copies are on microfilm at the Racine Public Library, as well as in UW-Parkside's library. Only a very few of these references have been verified (see RHM entry below). These papers include: Racine Morning Advocate, Racine Daily Journal,
[RCity] Racine City Directory (sometimes Racine Business Directory. UWParkside and Racine Heritage Museum have sets of these. They contain information about individuals, their place of work, their place of residence, and sometimes, phone numbers.
[RHM] Racine Heritage Museum, Racine, WI. (archives). These archives include a set of 3x5 cards with brief summaries of a person, along with the source of the information. Unfortunately, the items which refer to early Racine Newspapers are extremely difficult to verify. After spending two hours trying to verify four of these notecards, I was able to find the exact news item once.
[UWP] Archives at University of Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, WI
[RWeb] RootsWeb Search for William Buffham or George Gorton, specify year of birth for George or death location of Racine. A number of the Gorton entries were done as part of the Porch Family Tree, by Lori Welsh (but her hotmail account has long since expired)
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