Unknown and miscellaneous photos

This is a set of photos of unknown content (or perhaps purpose) from the company records For lack of a better location, they have been aggregated here. Please contact me if you can provide more information about the unknown content.
This is definitely a street in Racine, it's just that it is hard to tell which one, and what time period. Clues: signs on the left side of the street:
  • Belle City Boot & shoe manufactory
  • 156 John Beck 156
  • Wickham(?) and Williams
  • F Harbridge & Co. (below "Chemists & Druggists")
  • H Rozell Merchant Tailor
Signs on the right side of the street:
  • John Bailey's Barber Shop and Bath Rooms
  • D.G. Janes Insurance Office
  • what appears to be a "Livery" "Stable" sign (but it is partially occluded)
  • Huggins House
There are power poles on the left side of the street, a pair of clocks on the right, the one in the foreground reads about 3:35; there are hitching posts on the right. What is really weird is that there are only two or three people visible, all on the right side, closer than the D.G. Janes sign.
Minimal clues to this photo. The discolored border suggests that it is on very yellowed stock. Given the widespread destruction of property, this suggests that it is due to a very large explosion or a tornado. But the pattern (some nearby houses untouched, while others farther away partially collapsed) of damage implies that it is the result of a tornado.
The bottom photo is of a smoldering Racine Manufacturing plant "destroyed by fire Dec 12, 09". The upper photo is a complete unknown. Presumably it was notable (and worth taking a photo of) because it was taken at a time when planes were rare. This one is a biplane seaplane, with a single motor mounted near the top wing. There are probably some location clues in the background, if indeed this is a photo taken in the Racine area.
The back of this says "Box Factory 'Boiler Explosion' May 8, 1889 4:30 PM" The rest of the interesting information is inked onto the front.
This scan of two photos of obsolete automobiles was also in the records for some reason. A 1913 Empire, and a 1911 Simplex. George II's unpublished biography indicates that he did consider getting into the automobile building business but then decided the market was too crowded. Also see the Comet Automobile Company stock certificates.
George Gorton I and William S. Buffham paints, 1885. This is a scan of a copy of the content at the Racine Heritage Museum
(Hugh) Gorton and (Evan) Jones Meat Market, 1885 This is a scan of a copy of the content at the Racine Heritage Museum

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