This web site is a collection of as much material as possible about the George Gorton Machine company; founded by George Gorton II in 1893, it was initially named "Gorton and Graham", became "George Gorton Machine Co." and eventually "Gorton Machine Corp.". It includes biographical and genealogical information about George Gorton II (and his family); many of the artifacts pictured here are courtesy of his descendants and their families. I hope to make it as comprehensive a web site about the company and its employees as possible, as well as providing insight into the various (sometimes highly colorful) characters/reprobates that were my ancestors.

How it came to be

My name is Richard Gorton, and my great-grandfather was George Gorton II. While I knew odds and ends about Gorton Machine, it was sold to Kearney & Trecker of Milwaukee when I was a kid, so I really have limited knowledge (except for family oral history) about it.
Once upon a time, while surfing the web ... I was checking the US Patent website trying to find out the status of a patent I had applied for; and to browse some of the other patents where someone named Gorton was involved. After all, it isn't that common a name. To my surprise, some of the references were to machine tool inventions, and the timeframe put them in the era of George Gorton II, the founder of Gorton Machine.
One thing led to another, and now I'm working on this web site. My end goal of this is a combination partial genealogy project, company history, and equipment technical reference web site.
As for a machine tools background, I believe I am the only descendant [of George Gorton II] of my generation to actually have [re]built machine tools. In college, I spent about six months working for Tree Machine Tool (no longer in existance) wiring their Journeyman Mills and their (model name now forgotten) CNC Lathe. I spent another 4-6 months rebuilding some Gorton 16-B swiss automatic screw machines for a small business. One summer in college I was at Lars Machine doing some computer work and machine wiring. I also worked part-time at Gormac during college, doing odd jobs including rebuilding a fairly good sized Centerless grinder.

Some interesting things were learned through these jobs.

non-computer 'stuff' learned while building this site

Software which is so bad as to be worse than useless:

How to help

If you find this site useful, were a Gorton employee, or have Gorton content (either family or company) you wish to contribute to the site, please contact me. I actively bid on Gorton machine items on ebay - most of the brochures and technical manuals on this site were acquired via ebay. My current 'shopping list' is: Please contact me if you wish to use images or content herein
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